Bucky Halker

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Clark "Bucky" Halker (born 1954) is an American academic, music historian, labor activist, singer and songwriter who specializes in American roots rock and folk music. Halker is best known for his work on labor protest songs, Illinois folk music, and his involvement with the preservation of Woody Guthrie's musical legacy. He is a recipient of the American Folklife Center's Archie Green Fellowship.

Bucky Halker

Bucky Halker

Bucky Halker is a veteran Chicago songwriter, scholar, and performer with fifteen albums to his credit, including Wisconsin 2-13-63, a two-CD project of original songs, and a tribute CD to martyred labor songwriter Joe Hill (1879-1915) entitled Anywhere But Utah: Songs of Joe Hill (2015).

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Caskets In The Cornfield - Johnsburg 3


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Wisconsin (Volume 1) 2. 13. 63


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Wisconsin (Volume 2) 2. 13. 63


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Welcome To Labor Land


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Don't Want Your Millions


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Passion, Politics, Love


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Human Geography


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The Ghost of Woody Guthrie


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Anywhere But Utah: Songs of Joe Hill


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Chicago Kids Play and Sing Hoagy


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“an accomplished musician and performer, passionate historian, and ardent voice for labor unions and the working class, walking in the footsteps of and ever influenced by Guthrie.” Chicago Tribune